Disney World Vacation Savings Guide Available Now!

Beth Haworth’s Brand New Money Saving Disney Guide

The Ultimate Disney World Savings GuideDisney World Vacation Guide is a new book that contains the best money saving tricks and tips available for a fun family vacation at Disney World. The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide was written by Beth Haworth who was a former employee of the Walt Disney Company. This book is updated quite often so you’ll always learn the latest Disney World tips.

If you know what you are doing, going on the ultimate Disney World getaway does not have to be too costly. The more alert you are and the more you plan out your vacation before embarking on it, the more money you will find yourself saving at one of the most magical place on Earth.

Some of the tips you will learn include:

  • What Airlines Are The Most Stable – and which aren’t. Something you most likely aren’t aware of is that some of your best bets won’t be listed in the travel websites schedules.
  • Did you know Disney offers a free “Magical Express” shuttle and baggage service? No more waiting for your bags at the airport! Find out precisely how this awesome Magical Express service works.
  • Discover which offsite Non-Disney hotels offer the best bang for your buck – and which hotels to absolutely steer clear of. In fact – “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” has 12 Shortcuts To Success – ensuring when you check in to your hotel, the only surprise you will find is how smoothly your vacation is going!
  • The One Park You Should Visit Last! (Especially for those of you with young children.) This tip will definitely surprise you!
  • How To Beat Those Long Lines – Do you know that it actually makes a difference if you stand in the left line or right line? Well it surprisingly does at Disney – find out which line typically moves the faster
  • Shopping For Souvenirs? Save big and make sure to shop for souvenirs downtown! If you shop downtown, you will typically pay anywhere from 10 – 75% less than the Disney theme park prices. Now that’s saving big on your Disney Trip!

Find out more about Beth Haworth’s Disney World travel guide at http://www.dwvacationsecrets.com/

Note: Please note that the Ultimate Disney World Guide is only available in eBook format. The eBook is updated regularly. All customers who purchase the guide will receive lifetime access to eBook updates, even if it is several years after your initial purchase. You will always have the most up to date Disney saving strategies available at your fingertips

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